Our Leaders

Our Council Leadership

The dynamic leaders of the Southern California District Council

67th Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. 

Bishop McGriff -Red Clergy   Shirt_Trans
The Honorable Bishop
Donnie N. McGriff, Ph.D

Diocesan, Southern California District Council

Senior Pastor

 Greater Christ Temple Apostolic Church

El Cajon, California

Suffragan Bishop
William A. Benson, Ph.D

Chairman, Southern California District Council

Senior Pastor

Total Deliverance Worship Center

National City, California

The Pastors of Region 3

Some of the finest leaders in Pentecost are in region 3. Each of them are gifted and anointed of God to pastor dynamic, 21st century churches. They are truly called for such a time as this. 

Suffragan Bishop
Lafayette Boyd, Ph.D

Regional Director, Region 3

Senior Pastor

 True Word Apostolic Church

Corona, California


Dr. Margie Garrett.jpg
District Elder
Carolyn Strigglers, Ph.D

District Elder, District 8

Senior Pastor

The Finest of the Wheat Community Church

Hesperia, California


Margie Garrett, Ph.D.

Senior Pastor

Bethlehem Temple Community Church

Fontana, California

Pastor Mario Shaw.jpg
Mario Shaw, Sr. 

Senior Pastor

Garden of Peace Worship Center

Corona, California

Corey Allen

Senior Pastor

Divine Grace of Orange County

Anaheim, California

Ministerial Roster

Minister Clare Barbee, B.T.C.C.

Minister Yolanda Bolden-Thiel, B.T.C.C

Elder Anthony Brickmore, T.W.A.C.

Evangelist Rhonda Brown, T.F.W.C.C.

Evangelist Malaika Brown, B.T.C.C.

Minister Sharod Brown, B.T.C.C.

Evangelist Shirley Brown, B.T.C.C.

Minister Danielle Garrett, B.T.C.C.

Minister Dorothy Green, B.T.C.C.

Minister Chara Grigsby, B.T.C.C.

Elder Aaron Grigsby, B.T.C.C.

Minister Janice Harris, B.T.C.C.

Minister Wendy James, T.F.W.C.C.

Evangelist Joyce Jinks, B.T.C.C.

Evangelist Sheila Johnson, B.T.C.C.

Minister Rosalind Lee, B.T.C.C.

Evangelist Carolyn Olive, B.T.C.C.

Minister Jamain Owens, B.T.C.C.

Evangelist Kin-Tae Primmer, T.F.W.C.C.

Evangelist Kay Randle, T.F.W.C.C.

Minister Angela Shaw, G.P.W.C.

Minister Mario Shaw, Jr., G.P.W.C.

Minister Jerry Strigglers, II, T.F.W.C.C.

Minister Gwen Thomas, T.W.A.C.

Minister Sheryl Thomas, T.F.W.C.C.

Evangelist Kathy Turner, G.P.W.C.