Our Ministries

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Women's Ministry

Our Women's Ministry aims to provide impactful, spiritually enriching  programming  for women of all ages. Women can connect, encourage, and work with one another to as they grow in God. Numerous fellowship and service  opportunities allow 

women to bond as well as impact the surrounding community

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Married Ministry

Married Ministry is to ensure the married couples of the church are receiving the proper knowledge for a successful marriage. Even if you aren't married but are planning to get married some day, this class will helpful to you. We discuss topics such as: Biblical principles of marriage, communication, budgeting, finances, roles of the wife, roles of the husband, parenting, divorce, re-marriage, blended families, and much more

Outreach / Evangelism

Our outreach teams go beyond the walls of the church with the express purpose of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our teams reach out to the our neighbors near and far in an effort to meet both their spiritual and natural needs. We partner with local organizations to bring aid and support to members of the surrounding community. 

Music Ministry

Our Music & Sacred Arts department comprises talented Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Artists, and Poets who use their extraordinary, God-given gifts and talents to lead us into worship during our services and other special events


Our ushers are more than just a friendly face and a bright smile. They are essential to our worship services as they help keep order in the house of the Lord. 


P.Y.P.U. targets individuals ages 38 and offers special services, revivals, conferences, outings, etc. designed to enhance their spiritual growth. Both the District and Regional P.Y.P.U participate in state and national events.  

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Healthcare Professionals

Our healthcare professionals are highly skilled, trained individuals who are on hand to provide medical care whenever necessary.

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Men's Ministry

Our Men's Ministry connects men of all ages and encourages them to lead meaningful, productive, Christ-centered lives.  Our Men's Ministry strives to foster spiritual growth through special events, trainings and fellowship.